A man named Johnathan Zoes, also known as Johnnie Zoes Man, embarked on a unique journey to prove that electronic vehicles (EVs) can function in Arctic winters. He successfully drove a Tesla to the Arctic Ocean, becoming the first person to do so in -40 C wind chills of an Arctic winter.

Zoes Man is an aspiring filmmaker who decided to document his road trip from New York state to Tuktoyaktuk, revisiting key events in his life along the way. He leased a Tesla and began his journey through Canada. While traveling through the southern part of the country, he found charging stations to be quite common. In Northern British Columbia and the Yukon territory, he relied on RV parks and rapid charging stations.

As Zoes Man ventured further north, he had to rely on the kindness of strangers to plug in his Tesla. He befriended road crews and locals along the way, who allowed him to charge his vehicle overnight. Despite the lack of proper infrastructure for his vehicle, Zoes Man completed the journey and became a staunch advocate for EV technology.

Zoes Man estimates that he saved $463 in fuel expenses over his 31-day trip to Inuvik using the Tesla, compared to the $701 it would have cost with gasoline. He believes that with the continuous improvement in technology, EVs will become even more reliable and efficient in the future.

Source: nnsl.com