In a surprising turn of events, South Korea has reportedly sent ammunition to Ukraine via the United States, according to recent reports. This move comes amidst the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, and marks a significant shift in South Korea’s stance towards the situation.

The Wall Street Journal reported that hundreds of thousands of South Korean artillery rounds are en route to Ukraine via the United States. This comes after Seoul’s initial resistance towards arming Ukraine, indicating a change in the country’s foreign policy.

The Korean government, however, has struggled to address speculation that its artillery ammunition exports to the United States will eventually be transferred to Ukraine. While Seoul claims that the report is not entirely accurate, it has failed to provide a precise account of the current situation and whether it plans to provide lethal assistance to Ukraine. Such a move could potentially deepen South Korea’s already strained relations with Russia.

This development comes at a time when the conflict in Ukraine continues to escalate, with Ukraine reportedly shooting down 10 missiles and over 20 drones launched by Russia in overnight attacks. The international community has been closely monitoring the situation, with many countries providing various forms of aid to Ukraine.

The decision to send ammunition aid to Ukraine will be considered after reviewing the situation on the ground, according to National Security Adviser Cho Tae-yong. This statement suggests that South Korea is taking a cautious approach, carefully assessing the situation before making any further commitments.

This move by South Korea is seen as part of a broader international effort to support Ukraine in its conflict with Russia. It also highlights the complex dynamics of international relations and the delicate balance that countries must maintain when dealing with global conflicts.


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