Three friends – a doctor, a lawyer, and an engineer – decided to take a break from their busy lives and go for a weekend hiking trip in the mountains. They packed their bags, brought their tents, and embarked on their adventure.

On their way up, they came across a wide river with a rickety old bridge. The doctor hesitated, “I don’t know if we should cross this bridge, guys. It looks quite unstable.”

The lawyer, a natural risk-taker, replied, “Don’t worry! I’ll go first, and if anything happens, I’ll make sure to sue the bridge’s owner for not maintaining it properly.”

As the lawyer confidently stepped onto the bridge, the engineer, who was always prepared, shouted, “Wait! Let me calculate the weight limit of this bridge first!”

The lawyer waved his hand dismissively, “Relax, nothing will happen. Besides, if the bridge collapses, we’ll have one less lawyer in the world, and that can’t be a bad thing, right?”

The three friends laughed and crossed the bridge without any trouble. They continued their journey and had the time of their lives, proving that sometimes, a bit of humor and a little risk can lead to the most unforgettable adventures.