A male zebra named Sero managed to break loose from the Children’s Grand Park in Seoul, South Korea, on Thursday, leading authorities on a chase through the city’s busy streets and back alleys before being tranquilized and returned to the zoo. The 3-year-old zebra trotted through the Gwangjin district of Seoul, weaving through heavy traffic, residential areas, and even zebra crossings.

Firefighters were dispatched to the scene and eventually corralled the animal into an alley, where they waited for zoo officials to arrive. Upon their arrival, a team from the zoo administered seven shots of muscle relaxant, which finally subdued the zebra. Sero was then loaded onto a vehicle and transported back to the zoo, ending his unusual adventure.

Sero has reportedly displayed rebellious behavior since the death of his parents last year, according to Kim Jae-yun, an official at the zoo. In one incident, he attempted to fight a kangaroo in a neighboring enclosure. The Children’s Grand Park houses nearly 3,000 animals across 350 species, including lions, giraffes, dolphins, and exotic birds.

This is not the first time animals have escaped from the park; in 2005, six elephants broke loose, charging into restaurants and a school, resulting in one woman being injured.

Source: CNN, CNN Wire