An American man decided to leave behind the high cost of living in society and moved to a cave for 14 years. In an interview with the “Only Human” show, Daniel Shellabarger shared his experience of living in a cave near Moab, Utah.

Despite having a regular job and being able to make a living, Shellabarger struggled with depression and even contemplated suicide. He eventually decided to stop paying rent and look for a cost-effective solution. He found a cave and lived there for years, surviving off of food he found in the trash and even consuming found animal carcasses. He set up a small kitchen and grew vegetables outside of his cave. Shellabarger stressed that he never got sick from the food he found and believes that people throw away a lot of edible food.

The man did not receive any state support and relied solely on himself. He even gave away his last cash by leaving it in a public phone booth. The only thing he missed about civilization was the local library, where he used the computers to write about his money-free, free life on his blog.

After 14 years of living in the cave, Shellabarger was forced to return to the city to take care of his elderly parents. Despite having to give up his nomadic lifestyle, he remains an inspiration to those seeking financial independence and self-sufficiency.