Former NBA star Shawn Kemp has been charged with assault in connection with a shooting that occurred in a parking lot in Washington state, according to the local prosecutor’s office. The ex-Seattle Supersonics player, who was selected six times for the NBA All-Star Team in the 1990s, allegedly fired at the driver of a car in which Kemp believed his stolen phone was located.

Initially, it was reported that Kemp had acted in self-defense during the incident in early March. However, incriminating surveillance camera footage and a text message in which Kemp announced the shooting led to the 53-year-old being charged.

Kemp’s lawyer stated that his client would plead not guilty and expressed confidence that, upon hearing from witnesses and seeing the evidence in court, the jury would conclude Kemp was justified in defending himself that afternoon.

According to ESPN, the police report on the incident does not indicate that Kemp was shot at first, as he had claimed in the report. Furthermore, his statements could not be corroborated by surveillance videos.