The death toll in Sloviansk, Eastern Ukraine, has risen to 11 after Russian missile strikes hit the city, leaving rescue crews working to free people trapped beneath the rubble of an apartment building. According to Ukrainian air force spokesperson Yuriy Ihnat, Ukraine will soon receive the US-promised Patriot air defense system to help prevent further attacks like the one on Friday. The delivery is expected sometime after Easter.

A group of 65 Ukrainian soldiers completed their training last month at Fort Sill, a US Army post in Oklahoma, and returned to Europe to further learn about using the defensive missile system to track and shoot down enemy aircraft. Officials have stated that the Ukrainians will return to their country with a Patriot missile battery, which typically includes six mobile launchers, a mobile radar, a power generator, and an engagement control center.

Germany, the Netherlands, France, and Italy have also pledged to provide Patriot systems and SAMP/T anti-missile systems to Ukraine. The Ukrainian military is focusing on enhancing its ability to intercept missiles as it prepares for an anticipated spring counter-offensive to retake Russian-occupied areas of the country.

In response to the new Russian law allowing electronic draft notices, the UK Defense Ministry stated that it is part of Russia’s preparation for a protracted war in Ukraine. The law will establish a “unified registry of individuals eligible for military service” digitally linked to other government services, enabling Russian authorities to punish draft-dodgers with restricted employment rights and limited foreign travel.