The Israeli Air Force’s key unit, the 69th Squadron, has almost unanimously refused to participate in a routine practice due to the government’s policies. Out of the 40 reserve pilots of the 69th Squadron, 37 announced on Sunday that they would not participate in the upcoming practice in protest against the government’s plan to reform the justice system.

According to a report by The Times of Israel citing Haaretz, the reserve pilots said in a statement that instead of practicing, they will “think and talk about the unity of the Israeli people and the importance of democracy.”

The pilots have stated that they will carry out any mission if necessary.

The 69th Squadron is one of the most important units in the Israeli Air Force, with pilots who have participated in previous Syrian missions, including the 2007 attacks on a Syrian nuclear reactor.

According to military leaders, the pilots’ refusal to participate in the practice is a serious violation.

On Friday, 50 pilots expressed concern to the commander of the air force, Tomer Barnak, about the Israeli government’s plans to reform the justice system.

The proposed changes would limit the power of the Supreme Court, allow the Knesset to override its decisions with a simple majority vote in certain cases, and make the appointment of new judges a government task, thereby eliminating the separation of powers.