An Italian man had his penis amputated due to a misdiagnosis by a doctor who believed he had cancer. It was later discovered that the man did not have cancer, but instead had syphilis, making the amputation unnecessary. The man has since sued the doctor, and a preliminary hearing will be held on March 9. The shocking incident was reported by The Sun.

In November 2018, the patient went to an urologist in an Arezzo hospital complaining of unusual lesions on his genitals. The 30-year-old doctor diagnosed him with a rare form of penile cancer and decided that amputation was the only solution. A month later, the procedure was carried out without any complications. However, after analyzing the amputated tissue, it was found that there was no cancerous growth, and that the patient had syphilis, which did not require amputation. It was also revealed that the doctor had made the diagnosis without performing a biopsy, which would have provided a more accurate diagnosis.

The patient, who is in his sixties, has taken the matter to court and is seeking compensation for the medical error. He claims to have suffered permanent damage, including difficulties with urination and sexual intercourse. The doctor has been accused of negligence and causing irreversible harm to the patient. The court will decide the outcome of the case.