The UK government has published a white paper containing recommendations for the artificial intelligence (AI) industry, outlining five principles for companies to follow: safety, security and robustness; transparency and explainability; fairness; accountability and governance; and contestability and redress. The Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) is urging regulators to apply existing regulations and inform companies about their obligations under these principles.

Regulators will develop tailored, context-specific approaches to AI in their sectors and issue practical guidance, tools, and resources to organizations. The recommendations come as AI applications like ChatGPT attract growing demand and concerns about the technology’s negative implications, including potential biases and job losses. The government is calling for increased transparency in AI algorithms and a way for users to contest AI-based decisions. AI is estimated to contribute £3.7 billion ($4.6 billion) to the UK economy each year.

Source: CNBC