Vow, an innovative startup, recently unveiled a meatball created from lab-grown mammoth meat at a science museum in the Netherlands. By using genetic information from the long-extinct mammoth and filling gaps in the genetic sequence with data from its closest living relative, the African elephant, the company has achieved a groundbreaking feat in the field of cultured meat.

The process involved inserting mammoth genes into a sheep cell, with the mammoth gene overexpressed to ensure it dominated the final product. Although the safety of consuming mammoth meat has not yet been determined, Vow’s founder, Tim Noakesmith, explained that the choice of an extinct animal was intended to spark discussions about the exciting potential of new food technologies.

Vow is part of a rapidly growing industry focused on developing lab-grown meat as a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional meat production. With over 75 companies worldwide working on lab-grown meat products, Singapore has become the first country to approve the sale of cultured meat.

Discover how this groundbreaking lab-grown mammoth meatball could change the future of food and pave the way for more sustainable and diverse culinary options.

Source: cbsnews.com